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Help Us Keep Opera Alive in Tacoma


At Tacoma Opera, we transform ordinary evenings into spectacular memories with performances like the electrifying Carmen and the stunning Madama Butterfly.

These experiences don’t just fill seats — they enrich our community and stir souls.

Your Role

We must raise $15,000 by June to close our funding gap and continue offering world-class opera.

Every gift, large or small, contributes to sustaining the opera and our mission of making the arts accessible to all, regardless of income. Your donation supports a legacy arts group in Tacoma.


Please consider making a donation today. Your support will ensure that the grand tradition of opera thrives in Tacoma, preserving the cultural tapestry that we hold dear for future generations.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Limuel Forgey

General Director

You, our audience and donors, have always been our most crucial supporters. As we face unprecedented financial pressure, your help is more vital than ever.

Our Challenge

Despite common beliefs, ticket sales and fees don’t cover our costs. In fact, the financial demands of staging opera in Tacoma have never been more daunting. The cost of using the Pantages Theatre has escalated from $7,400 per week in 1988 to an unbelievable $42,000 for only six days in 2024. These soaring expenses are pushing the arts out of reach for many of our community's beloved organizations, threatening our future.

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