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News Release: Tacoma Method

Opera reflects on the past to heal the future in world premiere of Tacoma Method March 31 – Apr 2, 2023

Work examines the 1885 expulsion of Tacoma’s Chinese populations and the actions that destroyed a community

Tacoma Opera Behind the Scenes/ The Next Act April-June 2023

Intermezzo Artist Showcase (4th Quarter)

Tacoma Opera Behind the Scenes/ The Next Act Jan-March 2023

Behind the Scenes Videos

Meet Allison Pohl
Meet Simon Petersson
Meet Karen Dunstan and Caitlin Hennessy

Intermezzo Artist Showcase

January 2023
Soprano Allison Pohl , Tenor Simon Petersson, with Jieun Kim Piano
March 2023
Soprano Karen Dunstan , Soprano Caitlin Hennessy, with Jieun Kim Piano

Tacoma Opera Behind the Scenes/ The Next Act October-December 2022

October 2022

November 2022

December 2022

Intermezzo Nov/Dec 2022
Justin Birchell, Baritone
Sarah Santos, Soprano
Dominico Reyes, piano
Fourth Quarter Concert 1

Intermezzo Dec/Final of 2022
Jingjing Qi, Soprano
Mallory McCollum, Soprano
Dominico Reyes, Piano
Fourth Quarter Concert 2

 Intermezzo Concerts


Sept, 2022 NEW Intermezzo 1

July 2022,  Intermezzo 

Sept, 2022 NEW Intermezzo 2

Aug, 2022 KIDS CLUB!


Behind the Scenes Sept.  2022

Behind the Scenes Aug 2022

Behind the Scenes July 2022

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